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    Date: 26 July 2017 at 16:18:45 BST

    Head Office
    GB Express Delivery Company,
    21st Floor CY-3508-20234 Limassol,
    P.O. Box, 20517,Istanbul, Turkey.
    07/26/ 2017.
    Notification of Delivery
    Reference Number: 910/ALSF/04/ALSF
    Date: 07/26/ 2017.
    Deposit Delivery Information Details: From TURKEY TO UNITED KINGDOM. 
     Dear Esteemed Customer,
    Welcome to global express delivery company where your entire shipping problem is made easy. You should expect a fast, convenient and Environmental friendly way of shipment internationally.
      I am Mr. Hakan Mustu. the dispatch director and I shall guide you through the shipment procedures of your package which was deposited here by Engineer. Mary Arnold of the United Kingdom Marine Officer and be rest assured of a friendly and smooth transaction process.
    In regards to the enhancement of the swift delivery of your package we would love to inform you that we have your Parcel here in our office which has already been packaged under H.S.V (High Sensitive Value) awaiting delivery to you , But you are requested to furnish us with your below details before we could proceed with the delivery of your package to your yet nominated home address in United Kingdom.
    First Name (FIRST NAME):_______?
    Last Name (LAST NAME):_______?
    Address Where your package is to be delivered to (ADDRESS) :_______?
    Sex :_____?
    Marital Status :_____?
    Next Of Kin :_______?
    City (CITY) :_______?
    Country (COUNTRY):_______?
    Zip Code (POSTAL CODE) :___________?
    Telephone Number (MOBILE NO):_______?
    Occupation (JOB):_________?
    As soon as we receive your email, we would update you on the next stage of your private delivery .Thank you for using Global Express Delivery Company where your shipping satisfaction is more guaranteed and made easy.
    Thank you for being a member of the  Global Express Delivery Company family, We are very glad to be of service to you .
    Yours Faithfully,
    Mr. Hakan Mustu.
    Global Express Delivery Security Company (G.E.D) 24HOURS ONLINE.
  2. Global Express UK Ltd Does Not Store Or Deliver Cars Or Boats For Ebay Or Gumtree Sellers

    This is a Scam !!

    Hello. I found a car on ebay and I was intersted in so I contacted the seller. She answered me that she is moving from Scotland and won't be able to deal in person but we can do everything through your company  Global Express. She sent me a link to your website. She also mentioned that you are taking care of everything and you can arrange a delivery a car to my address because the car is already in your warehouse in Scotland. She wants me to send you my utility bills as proof for delivery address. That you send me an invoice and when I receive an invoice I need to make payment to your company. You deliver the car and if I am happy you will send money to her. I hope it is not a fraud so that's why I contact you.
    Please advise me if you deal with these kind of transactions.

    Global Express UK Ltd Does Not Store Or Deliver Cars Or Boats For Ebay Or Gumtree Sellers