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 Global Express UK Ltd Is A UK Based Company - We Do Not Have Offices In Any Other Countries

If you receive a telephone call or email from someone saying they are from Global Express UK Ltd or similar stating they have a parcel for you and it as been stopped by customs because it has expensive goods or money inside and you have to pay additional charges to release the parcel - It is a Scam there is no parcel - these telephone calls or emails did not come from Global Express UK Ltd

Please Note: We do not deliver winnings for any UK or Worldwide Lottery Companies or Cars and boats for Ebay - Gumtree


The Airway Bill's  Below Are Fake - They Are Being Used By Scammers To Get People To Pay Them Money !! Do Not Pay Any Money

Scam Airway Bill Scam Airway Bill 

Scam Airway Bill Scam Airway Bill 19-07-17

The Above Airway Bill's Are Fake - They Are Being Used By Scammers To Get People To Pay Them Money !! Do Not Pay Any Money


This Could Be Another Ebay Scam 

Hello. I found a car on ebay and I was intersted in so I contacted the seller. She answered me that she is moving from Scotland and won't be able to deal in person but we can do everything through your company  Global Express. She sent me a link to your website. She also mentioned that you are taking care of everything and you can arrange a delivery a car to my address because the car is already in your warehouse in Scotland. She wants me to send you my utility bills as proof for delivery address. That you send me an invoice and when I receive an invoice I need to make payment to your company. You deliver the car and if I am happy you will send money to her. I hope it is not a fraud so that's why I contact you.
Please advise me if you deal with these kind of transactions. 


Trading Post Australia Scam

Hi Guys, there is a scam on Trading post say that you are storing and will deliver a Motor Home, that you take care of the payment of said vehicle and you will deliver it to us, they are sending us your bank details.Just checking its a scam? I will notify the Trading Post here in Australia