Ebay & Gumtree Car And Boat Scam !!

Please Note: We Do Not Store & Deliver Cars Or Boats For People Selling On Ebay or Gumtree - It Is A Scam !!

Global Express UK Ltd are based in Surrey and we do not have a warehouse in Scotland or the Isle Of Wight

The link this person sent you does not direct you to our website www.globalexpressukltd.co.uk

It directs you to a Fake website that will send you a invoice to pay Do Not Pay Any Money There is no car it is a Scam !!

To Report This Scam Please Go To www.actionfraud.police.uk


If it seems too good to be true, it probably is 

The Latest Message Was Emailed To Us On 25th July 2017

You can check out this Kelly Harvey (qilovret@gmail.com) @ https://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=323079


Mark lane

I was offered a car for sale by a person from Sweden who said they are using you as a third party ???
Is this something you do or is it a scam ???

I have also forward you my email conversation incase it is of use

From: Kelly Harvey <qilovret@gmail.com>
Date: 23 July 2017 at 11:06:03 BST
To: mark l 
Subject: Re: 2009 Toyota HILUX HL3 D-4D 4X4 DCB

Like i said in my previous email the car is at the shipping company  www.globalexpress-ltd.co.uk 
and it will be better for both if the transaction will be done through them, due to the fact i'm overseas and I can not meet with you in person.They will be the third, objective party involved in the transaction. This way you will actually pay for the car after you receive and test it, because the shipping company will hold the  funds in an Escrow  and release it to me only after you receive and decide to keep the car. 
In order to complete this deal the payment must be sent to Global Shippers. As soon as they receive the payment will notify me to start with delivery.After that you will receive all information about delivery so you can be able to track your shipment online.shipping company will hold your payment until you receive and inspect the car (you have 5 days for inspection) If you will find the smallest problem with the car you will ship it back on my expense and Global Shippers will send you your full amount back.
If you decide to buy the car,please include the following information in your next email. 
-Full Name;
-Shipping Address (postal code,full address)
-Phone Number
For more details please call the shipping company.
Thank you

On Sun, Jul 23, 2017 at 10:49 AM, mark l wrote:

Hi Kelly 
I am very interested in the Toyota but due to cash flow problems I only have my credit card to make the purchase ,
I will obviously pay the extra 3% credit card charge if this is possible ?
Would the shipping company be able to help with this ?
Also I would need to view the truck and have a test drive before any deal is completed. 

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On 23 Jul 2017, at 09:07, Kelly Harvey <qilovret@gmail.com> wrote:

The Toyota HILUX is available and the final price is £5600.I am the registered owner and i have all documents.
This car is in excellent working conditions, slightly used in 100% working and looking conditions
ONLY 65,000 miles,no scratches or dents,no accident, no hidden defects. HPI clear. It has full Toyota service history. MOT due 12/12/2017. 
I am at my sister in Sweden and i left the car at the company to take care of the transaction.The car is still in UK at a shipping company www.globalexpress-ltd.co.uk and i can have it shipped to your location (I will pay the shipping) and we will use them as a third party.
If you have any questions feel free to email me.
Thank you

Gary Poole

hi,i think some one on ebay was trying to scam me on ebay over a car,i got the link which was global shippers which then comes up as global express ,i had to pay you for car then you deleiver car to me.does this sound ok or like a scam to you thanks gary


Ian Jones

I am looking to purchase a car through a 3rd party business called global express with address as www.Global-Shippers.co.uk  with an address in Isle of white (residential). Is this business linked to yours many thanks Ian



Hello. I found a car on ebay and I was intersted in so I contacted the seller. She answered me that she is moving from Scotland and won't be able to deal in person but we can do everything through your company  Global Express. She sent me a link to your website. She also mentioned that you are taking care of everything and you can arrange a delivery a car to my address because the car is already in your warehouse in Scotland. She wants me to send you my utility bills as proof for delivery address. That you send me an invoice and when I receive an invoice I need to make payment to your company. You deliver the car and if I am happy you will send money to her. I hope it is not a fraud so that's why I contact you.
Please advise me if you deal with these kind of transactions. The car is an Volvo with number plate GY 62 FOV. Thank you!


Maankret Djaberu

Dear global express, please take care of the www,globalexpress-ltd.co.uk website, is definitely a scam promising beautiful cars after you pay in advance. the difference is only no uk and ( - ) before ltd. i hope you can save many people money plus you reputation if you take actions..